UK startup visa requirements

UK startup visa is a recent update of UK business immigration category.¬† This route is intended to attract global innovators and promising candidates who can contribute in the UK economy by bringing innovative practices in its business environment and improve productivity. UK startup visa is non-immigrant visa issued for two years for establishing a business … Continue reading UK startup visa requirements

Costs associated with UK Startup Visa

UK Startup Visa ¬†allows candidates to establish their innovative business ideas or pursue their professional careers in the UK. The route is alternative to the previous Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa. Earlier for Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur programs, UK degree was necessary to qualify for the program, however, under current UK startup visa there is … Continue reading Costs associated with UK Startup Visa

Innovation in UK Innovator Business Plan

As part of business immigration, UK has made it mandatory that the business plan should be innovative. You must have your own business idea which is essentially not available in the UK and not derived from a business already trading in the UK. It means you cannot franchise someone else idea or business practice. The … Continue reading Innovation in UK Innovator Business Plan

About UK Visa for Overseas Business Representatives

This visa category is for candidates who intends to establish, operate and represent their parent company in the UK.  There is no requirement of minimum investment in this category, however, the parent company must show enough funds from its sources of income or assets to support its branch office. The subsidiary must perform business activities … Continue reading About UK Visa for Overseas Business Representatives

About UK Innovator Visa

This visa category will likely support those candidates who have been awarded UK startup visa. Innovator visa requires applicants to bring innovation in the UK to support its digital market economy. This is a real challenge for prospective candidates. The applicant should have a prior business experience. This visa category requires endorsement of the business … Continue reading About UK Innovator Visa