UK Economy

UK is the sixth largest economy in the world and it has decided to leave the European union after the conduct of referendum in 2016. According to Heritage foundation economic freedom index, UK stands 7 in overall  economic freedom indicators among the 180 countries and political entities ranked.  Its population as of 2020 is around … Continue reading UK Economy

Personnel plan for UK business immigration Business Plan

Business plan for UK business immigration requires candidates to submit their personnel plan. A personnel plan address how the business will be carried out. A personnel plan is part of operation plan of the business startup. This is key component of a business plan which helps in deriving business expenses related to employees salary and … Continue reading Personnel plan for UK business immigration Business Plan

About UK Visa for Overseas Business Representatives

This visa category is for candidates who intends to establish, operate and represent their parent company in the UK.  There is no requirement of minimum investment in this category, however, the parent company must show enough funds from its sources of income or assets to support its branch office. The subsidiary must perform business activities … Continue reading About UK Visa for Overseas Business Representatives

About UK Innovator Visa

This visa category will likely support those candidates who have been awarded UK startup visa. Innovator visa requires applicants to bring innovation in the UK to support its digital market economy. This is a real challenge for prospective candidates. The applicant should have a prior business experience. This visa category requires endorsement of the business … Continue reading About UK Innovator Visa