Global Talent is for accomplished or promising individuals in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, humanities, digital technology and arts and culture wishing to work in the UK. The Global Talent visa has replaced the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa. The Global Talent visa is no longer part of the points-based system. As previously administered in Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, the Global Talent visa process will be a two-stage application including the endorsement process and immigration process. This route gives candidates much flexibility as compared to other work visa including startup visa, innovator visa or solrep visa. The candidates can pursue their interests in the UK by getting employed or establishing a start-up or being self-employed consultants.  The applicants in this category will not required to produce a job offer and the fast track route will take three years for accelerated settlement and five years otherwise.

Leaders [Global Talent] and Potential Leaders [Promising Global Talent]

Candidates should be leader in their chosen fields as demonstrated by their contribution in the field and the impact they have generated in their respectve subject areas. Candidates can also be eligible for this route if they are potential leaders in their fields as shown by the contribution in their field and the skills, education and exposure that makes them the ideal candidate to progress in their chosen fields.

Switching to the Global Talent UK visa 2021

Candidates with Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 5, Startup Visa, Innovator Visa can switch to Global Talent visa. Before switching to Global Talent UK program, candidates should get endorsement from relevant endorsing bodies through home office.  Global Talent visa can be extended for another five years as long as condition of stay is not violated. Applicants can bring their dependents and can stay as long as they wish and they may apply for settlement and British citizenship subject to immigration rules.

The First stage of Global Talent Visa is Getting Endorsement

Endorsing bodies will assess the applicant’s credentials for possible indicators of prospects for future leadership and talent in the respective field. The candidate should demonstrate their contribution in their field, innovation they introduced and the impact that has been produced.The candidate should provide the evidence related to their education, experience, exposure and their skills and talents. The candidate may not contact the endorsing bodies once the application for endorsement has been submitted to home office for consideration by the relevant endorsing body. This visa category is dependent on the endorsement bodies as visa will be curtailed if the endorsing body withdraw their endorsement.

Stage 1 Endorsement requirements for UK Global Talent visa

Endorsement requirement is very challenging and involved. Endorsement requirements varies with the type of discipline and the relevant subject area of the candidate. Candidates should go through the immigration rules for the specific requirements of the associated evidence and documentations. In this immigration category, applicants may not require to satisfy English language requirements. Arts council England and its associated bodies endorses candidates belonging to arts and culture such as Dance, Music, Literature, Fashion, Films, etc. Digital technology applicants will be assessed by Tech Nation. Fast track route for digital technology applicants is available if they are accepted on listed accelerator programs run by:

This list is susceptible to change and candidates should consider the latest list from UK home office website. The British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Society, UK Research and Innovation, are responsible for endorsing candidates from more specific field of studies and focus areas.

Conditions of Stay

Applicants can live and work in the UK up to five years at a time. They will be required to work in their respective field and there is no minimum income requirement and the type of employment contracts. Applicants can bring their family members and dependents.

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