Business plan for UK business immigration requires candidates to submit their personnel plan. A personnel plan address how the business will be carried out. A personnel plan is part of operation plan of the business startup. This is key component of a business plan which helps in deriving business expenses related to employees salary and fringe benefits.

A personnel plan should determine what roles are required to support the activity of the business and what kind of people will be required to meet those roles. Describe the skills, education, exposure and experience that will be required to perform those roles. All the team members should be uniquely identified and their role must not conflict with each other.  Describe the hierarchy using an organogram.

A detail assessment of the particular job profile should be made so that the expected employee may be recruited taking into account the detail relevant to the roles. Some roles required the employee to get licenses to perform. The assessment should also consider whether any special insurance cover will be required to ensure the company performs its task without any hinderances such as professional indemnity insurance. The role should determine the personal traits, communication skills, behavioral responses expected from an incumbent employee.

A personnel plan should discuss how the recruitment will take place. The cost of hiring skilled labor is very high.  The plan should address the channels that will be engaged for the recruitment purposes such as adverts in local newspapers, yellow pages, community magazines, job boards, etc. the criteria that will be used to sort out the client’s profiles, interview conducts and sorting, employee probation period, etc. For small companies it is advisable to acquire the services of independent human resource agencies.

Personnel plan will determine the payroll required to support the business activity and it is a key element in the financial planning. Overall assessment of the salary can be deduced by looking at the market rates from human resource management firms survey reports or average weekly pay published by survey reports conducted by government agencies. As part of running expenses, the payroll or salary is significant item and it should also account for National Insurance and other fringe benefits. The startup capital should consider the three month or six month expected reserves for employee salary.

Small companies may find it difficult to provide in-house training and development of their employees. The personnel plan should discuss how to train and develop employees. The employees should be given exposure to their field by participating in seminars, conferences, and workshops. The seminars, conferences and workshops provide exposure in the relevant field and employees are more likely to innovative in their field. The knowledge, experience and exposure of the employees are made current by participating in the relevant industry professional events. Employees should be encouraged to become member of their professional association, trade bodies, and groups.

Performance appraisal should be done on a regular basis. Performance appraisal gives employees important feedback and its helpful in attaining corporate goals. Employees get motivation and they become more productive and efficient. The feedback is also helpful in achieving reorganization of human resources within the company. Personnel plan should determine the criteria that will be used to evaluate performance appraisal of their employees. If the company is small enough than a professional consultant should be hired to track employees performance and give important feedback to improve human capital.

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