As part of UK business visa application for representative of overseas businesses, the candidate needs to submit a company profile for their parent company. A company profile discusses and present the economic strengths and achievement that the parent company has acquired over the course of its business operations. As such the company profile should be attention grabber rather than a bunch of data related to company performance. There should be optimal level of text given the visuals, emphasis, and infographics. The company profile should display recency of information and relevant to the intended participants.

The company profile should be well structured, contain information in a logical sequence, and represent the company’s presentation schema such as use of language structure, colour scheme, style and design structure. The company profile is a marketing tool and should conform to the company website, brochure, flyers, visiting cards, logos and marks. As such it should contain business details including the type of corporate structure whether it’s a public or private company, company formation date, website address, office address, contact emails and numbers, tax numbers and registration numbers.

The company profile should discuss the company’s evolution in chronological order. How the company made its way in current shape. The profile should discuss the contribution of previous directors and teams. How the product and services have evolved over time. Past and present advertisement clips and clicks. It should display current products and service offerings, achievements, awards, certifications, licenses, accreditation, affiliations, registrations, organisational strengths, organogram, outsourced activities, client endorsements and appraisals, contractors, suppliers, and growth plan.

In the company profile, the directors and key members views should be presented including the vision, mission, values, and objectives of the company. The profile should discuss short term as well as long term objectives of the company.  In the light of memorandum of understanding and articles of association, the profile should discuss the core team members their contribution and achievements. The profile should discuss the economic value added by the company and its overall impact in the value chain. How much fulltime equivalent jobs have been supported both direct and shadow employment by the company?

The views should discuss the current trends, challenges and opportunities that existed in the relevant industry. The directors should discuss strategic alliances with suppliers, service providers, and investors. The report should also discuss recent financial performance including revenues, profits, return on investments, market or replacement value of assets, expected cost of capital both equity capital and debt capital. The profile should discuss the economic cycle, the business cycle and industry maturity and the management response to these events.

The company profile should discuss risk management and policies, operational management and policies, HSE policies, regulatory compliance and policies, work ethics, social responsibility and policies, environmental policy and compliance. The profile should discuss the role of company in promoting local social events, scholarships, internships, apprenticeship, talent incubation, research and development.

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