Writing about the candidate is an important element of a UK business visa application. Candidate profile is a short description or personal profile followed by curriculum vitae.  Candidate profile should link the applicant’s human capital with the intended business plan. The officials may start looking at the candidate application from candidate profile and this is an opportunity to express oneself honestly.

Connecting candidate skills, experience and exposure with the relevant business plan

In business immigration case, the purpose of the candidate profile is to demonstrate the necessary business skills, exposure, experience acquired by the applicant over the course of his career. In most cases the candidate will be pursuing his business plan for the first time and the candidate should demonstrate the promise he can make to fulfil his commitments or course of action he can take to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavour. Candidate should demonstrate that his skill set is relevant to the business plan he intends to pursue.

Personal profile is a high-impact summary of the candidate

Personal profile should be high impact summary of the individual’s personal traits, skills, exposure, experience, education in the course of the candidate career progression. The personal profile should be brief and it should clearly mention the candidate’s field of interest, scope of work and career goals. Personal profile should be described within one paragraph. Personal profile should include roles, responsibilities and organisations for which the candidate has offered his services. It should mention the portable skills that can be used in the varied circumstances.

CV should be written on reverse chronological order

Candidate should discuss all the elements of their achievements during their career progression. All experiences should be mentioned in reverse chronological order.  Experiences should include the company or organisation for which the candidate served, the designation or role performed, and the rights and responsibilities attained. The candidate should discuss their achievements including the projects done, awards won or impact created. The job responsibilities can further be elaborated or the significance of the candidate role in overall operation of the business may be discussed.

Academic profile of the candidate

The candidate should mention all the academics he pursued including school, colleges, and university. Briefly describe which curriculum pursued and the difficulty level attained as well as institution attended. Mention the focus area or concentration of your course of studies such as business studies or engineering studies or law subjects.

Candidate exposure and business experience

As for professional achievements, the curriculum vitae should mention the scholarship received during the course of study, the internships and the apprenticeships attained. The candidate should discuss the professional exams or certifications and or membership of professional organisation or associations or trade bodies. Candidate should discuss the high impact conferences, seminars or workshop attended. They can discuss their own research contribution, articles published or papers presented.