Tier 4 General is the route which enables international students to study and participate in the growth and development of UK’s academic excellence. International students receive education, high-impact learning and exposure to the latest science, technology and integration into the UK society.

The role of Tier 4 General Sponsor in the UK

Any education provider wishing to enroll international students must be licensed to sponsor tier 4 general students in the UK.  The Tier 4 sponsor will be responsible for ensuring the international students meet necessary academic prerequisites, enroll them in their academic programs, placement in the apprenticeship or other professional development programs, ensure compliance of academic progression and other academic related activities. Tier 4 sponsor in the UK is the most important institution in the conduct of the Tier 4 immigration program. International students should carefully select their Tier 4 sponsor in the UK. Tier 4 sponsor is required to report international students’ participation to the relevant government bodies these may include whether the international students enrolled in the course, their attendance in the course, sponsor revocation of their CAS, or circumstantial changes of the student’s condition of stay in the UK.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies CAS

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies CAS is the most important part of the Tier 4 visa application. The CAS carries 30 points out of 40 points required for Tier 4 visa category. The CAS is a digital reference number and gives the detail of the student’s personal information and courses that constitute the intended study plan. International students must submit the same information to Tier 4 visa application as was used to obtain the CAS. CAS reference number has some restrictions such as it is valid for six months since its creation for the Tier 4 visa application.

Minimum requirements for Tier 4 General Students

The minimum requirements for Tier 4 general students visa is the achievement of a total score of 40 which include 30 points for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies CAS and 10 points for maintenance expenses for incurring academic expenses, accommodation, transport and food, and health care expenses. UK universities and higher education provider take extra pain in selecting candidates for their academic programs and therefore international students must demonstrate academic excellence as part of the prerequisites for their intended course of studies. This may include their previous records of educational achievements, their scholastic scores, and their academic language abilities. Students should write a good personal statement to secure a place in an approved education provider institution in the UK.

Work placement and work permit

In general, the Tier 4 international students can work 20 hours in term periods and fulltime in vacation periods. In addition to work allowed, their course of study can account for work placement as part of their study program. The work-placement or internship or apprenticeship may not exceed 33% of their course-of-studies. The international students must ensure their work-placement forms part of the study program they have been enrolled into. However, international students should seek to apply at the relevant category should they are looking for doctor or dentist in training program, employed as a professional sports-person, employed as an entertainer, self–employed, engage in business activity, or participating in fulltime role which may exclude a resident worker.

Condition of Stay in the UK

Your condition of stay will be related to your visa condition. You may be allowed to work, however, you may not work full-time for a permanent role which may exclude UK resident worker. You may not work as doctors in training or dentist in training or as professional sports-person. You may not fetch state benefits for your-self and your family members. You may be required to register with police.